1000 WordsManagement Game:Using key theoretical frameworks, resources given and personal experience, you must reflect on your experience of working on the International Management Game. Please state which game you participated in, and any reasons why you picked this game.You should also consider the following:1. Your personal experiences – did the management game help you develop?2. Did you achieve your personal aims?3. Has your team dynamic and approach to team work changed? How?This report is based on your own experiences and should be written in a suitable format to support the reflection of your own thoughts and approaches pre, during and post attendance of the management games.1000 WordsCareer- appropriate skills:Throughout the 200SEM module, you have had various guidance sessions relating to the next steps you will make at University, whether that is placement, studying abroad, working for a year or continuation of your studies. With this in mind and using key examples, reflect on what decisions you have made in regards to the next year.You should consider some of the following:1. What decision have you made and the reasons why?2. What helped you to make this decision you have, or what is holding you back in making a decision about next year?3. What skills do you have currently to support this decision?4. What skills do you need to develop in order to achieve this decision?5. How will this decision affect and develop your future career aspirations?6. Appraise your personal skills, including CV and performance throughout the process.IMPORTANT• Report must effectively reflect upon the entire process.• All sources should be fully referenced [Harvard style]. Standard regulations on copying and plagiarism apply.