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Research Paper (on women study)

Research Paper (on women study)-The essay should include references to at least six academic sources (refereed books and articles).-Feedbacks from the prof based on previous papers1.develop the THESIS so that the reader can easily follow, right from the beginning, all aspects of the analysis, and that the structure of the paper is stronger.2.might want to consider including something like this: “In this paper, I will argue that… I will use the ad… to demonstrate that… I draw from the theories of ….to explain that… I will conclude by…”This way you provide a stronger structure, and you also ensure that all the aspects of your argument are cohesively gelled together.3. Perhaps an analysis of power dynamics would help strengthen your analysis and deconstruct the privileges inherent in the white heteronormative societies that continue to maintain such racist/sexist stereotypes in place in order to further benefit from them (financially, socially, and more importantly, politically).4. Also an analysis of some of the postcolonial and neo-imperial implications of such representations would help underline the power dynamics implicated in such stereotypes.

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