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In quantitative studies and quantitative studies, sampling refers to selecting a particular sample of individuals from a larger population. This process is often called participant selection. Qualitative research collects rich data from fewer sources, while quantitative research attempts to collect a larger, more representative sample from the population as a whole. Selection criteria for eligibility in a study is similar for both quantitative and qualitative studies, however, there are some differences with respect to the procedures used and the size of the samples.State the factors you would consider in choosing participants for a study. In particular, how would you go about deciding how many participants to interview given a particular methodology? In addition, write about how you will select your participants for a possible study you are writing a proposal for in this course. How many participants do you think you need (support your answer)? [If you are not interviewing in your study, tell instead how you are picking the “something(s)” you are collecting data from-sites, documents, etc.].

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