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Select a social media campaign that has gone viralWhat is expected in your analysis• Explain why you chose this campaign• How and why did the campaign go viral?• Who are the key players that initiated the campaign, and what was their interest in doing it? What historical circumstances triggered the campaign? (track the source of the campaign)• Who was the intended audience?• In your estimation, what were the weaknesses and strengths of the campaign? What was the effect of the campaign and how long did it last?GUIDELINES FOR THE TEXT• 8-10 double spaced pages of text• Up to 10 pages of illustrations/ screen shots, analytics (in addition to the text)• 12-point font, 1 inch margins• APA style bibliography• Include at least 5 academic sources (they can e from class readings)• Include analytics charts or graphs, screen shots or images of campaign• source your analytics, screen shots, or images* Pay attention to logos, images, catch phrases; coordination across different platforms (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube). Here are few examples of campaigns that have gone viral:Sample Topics (but not limited to these):Je suis Charlie ( Back our Girls ( back our Boys ( 2012 ( Bucket Challenge ( Up ( in My Name ( Apologies ( Green Movement of Iran: Department, Think Again Turn Away songs: Free Gambia: SOURCESCooper, Belle Beth (2013) 10 Surprising Social Media Statistics That Will Make You Rethink Your Social Strategy. In FastCompany Hampton, Keith, et al. “Social Media and the Spiral of Silence.” Pew Research: Internet Project. Posted: 26 Aug. 2014. Social Media Marketing in Education (2011). By the Education Division of the Software & Information IndustryAssociation (SIIA),, and MCH Strategic Data.3. Zara, Christopher. “Is Twitter Making Us Meaner? Uncivil Discourse in the Age of Social Media. “ International Business Times. Posted; 01 Dec. 2012. Watch the documentary Generation Like, Frontline February 18, 2014 In preparation for the group project, read the background articles on Democracy Dialogue (links provided below) and go through the website Democracy Dialogue4. Review theinfographic. Wexler, Evan, Illustrations by Cecily Taylor (Feb. 18, 2014) What are teens doing online?Frontline Rosenberg, Tina (February 16, 2011) Revolution U: What Egyptians learned from the students who overthrew Milosovich. In Foreign Policy., Linda (2014) Revolution in the age of Social Media. The Egyptian popular insurrection and the internet. New York and London: Verso Press., James (August 15, 2014) They know much more than you think. The New York Review of Books. Young is Too Young for a Digital Presence? In New York TimesHess, Amanda (2014) Why Women Aren’t Welcome on the InternetSchrager, Leah – The Female PainterWaver, May – CyberTwee Manifesto

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