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Social Policy and Welfare

Module Learning Outcomes3. Assess the impact of social policy on various communities and/or social groups in the UK.4. Explain key contemporary issues for policy makers, welfare recipients, providers and stakeholders.5. Compare and contrast major ideological perspectives relating to the operation of social policy and identify key political conflicts over delivery of such policy.Assignment BriefBackgroundSocial Policy is a highly contemporary subject which will enable you to understand social welfare provision. This subject will give you the opportunity to engage in and analyse contemporary social issues such as housing, unemployment, health, immigration, to name just a few. These have a high profile on the political and public agendas. This assignment gives you an opportunity to investigate the origins of social policies and its development to its delivery in society. You will compare and contrast major competing perspectives and examine key contemporary issues for policy makers, welfare recipients, providers and stakeholders.Requirement1 essay 2500 words1. Critically analyse government policies in relation to education.Guidance notes and considerationsAn essay is continuous writing with no subheadingsTake note of the question and ensure that you are answering itRefer to the learning outcomes to guide your discussionWider reading based on your own research is also strongly encouragedPay attention to the word limit of 2500 words (within a 10% difference)Ensure you proof read your essayUse correct Harvard referencing

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