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structural family therapy model application

The focus is NOT on the video and providing a synopsis of it. It IS on application of the concepts of this model to the family dynamicsportrayed in the movie.Book: Gehart, D. R. (2014) Mastering competencies in family therapyStep one: select one of the following movies. You can find these movies on Netflix (or other subscription video streaming websites), Red Box (orvideo store), or at your local public library.Antwone FisherBig FishCrazy/BeautifulDan in Real LifeExtremely Loud and Incredibly CloseFather of the Bride (1 or 2)JunoKeeping the FaithLove & BasketballMadea’s Big Happy FamilyMadea’s Family ReunionMildred PierceMy Big Fat Greek WeddingOrdinary PeopleOn Golden PondPursuit of HappynessReal Women Have CurvesSeasons 1 OR 2 of Downton AbbeySleepless in SeattleThe BirdcageThe Blind SideWhat’s Eating Gilbert GrapeWhile you were SleepingThe Kids Are AlrightStep two: Read the material in the chapter. Focus on understanding the basic concepts and how those apply to the work of a MFT.Step three: Analyze the family dynamics portrayed in the video and apply at least 4 concepts from the list of assessment concepts providedbelow. Write a brief essay giving specific examples to illustrate each chosen concept:BoundaryHierarchySubsystemCoalitionStrengthStage of developmentStep four: Address how cultural/diversity concepts apply to the assessment of the family(ies) in this movie?Step five: Address what makes this model systemic. Reflect on the concepts from systems-based approach and how they apply to the structuralfamily therapy model.Remember to avoid the tendency to provide a synopsis of the video and focus on providing a Structural Family Therapy assessment and summary ofthe family dynamics portrayed in the video.Length: 4-5 pagesYour paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts andinsights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.

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