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THE SYSTEMEvidently, Shanghai and Hong Kong’, so loud is the brilliant songNever deny, top being among, leading in the effort of doing never wrong,The key, to acquireallure strong, education is the beautiful song,The compulsory Education law that guides, and the teachers law that abides,And then flows the education law, then follows teachers law to which they bow,Vocational education law and wow, and the higher education law; all flow,Subjected to six years of primary education, at the respective ages six or seven,Citizens all tied to the vocation, not by choice all are learning in even,Three years of having secondary education, high school then has been given,Then begins an eager application, to the learning of higher education,Welcome to the big deep horizon, where we need your best action,Formed strong in you is profession, and you are out to achieve devolution.THE LIGHT (Poem by sonnet)Subscriber! Oh what a joy you can find here.The teachers are the heads of the great team,Full of long stories are happy and cheer,Hopefully, they will make our leaders team,Going home full of homework they will need plenty help,Many doing it on their own effort will truly prove,The many puzzles that would make one or many yelp,That they were all in school and weretruly to achieve,Fancy a challenge? Then the time to pick is now,Never paying a cent, equalizes for and all,Acquiring it strictly and not easy with a taken vow,They work to meet the very far required end pole,Everything runs high in standard, and true to the taken time,Grades all are worthy of finding and getting to achieve.BITTER ROOTS (BALLAD)As he rushes down the dirty street, feet in the dust walking tirelessly on bare feet,The guy next to him has an old book, which many at times save him off the hook,He meets a couple more in a fleet, with books rushing down the same dirty street,And in their eyes wild determination, to seek knowledge in every cranny and nookHe draws a pen and begins to write, on the page barely snow white,What he read the previous night, that was cold as ice barely under moon glow?His eyes are tired of the dim light, chicken hearted of striving for the solution fight,But every nerve and sinew he summons, as he archs his back and bends lowBrains are empty for a while, never creating anything for the solution topurport,For now we clearly see absolutely no comfort, silver plate and in there big roots bitter as bile,They will be thinking along for half a mile, almost daily blankly with no any idea to support,But with great lasting faith they never will abort, in the strive so deep long as the Nile,THE BACK BONE (BLANK VERSE)Sweet as honey is the pie by completion, fruitful by achieving, bitter to achieve.They study,They read, and they play. They meet and do socialize in classes, yes they actually do,They are all in classes, writing and learning a stand for life, modeling pots for future.Poor people, better run quick, go to class and get education; it is the key you lack,It is free of charge, and surely counts, to modeling all-round people around,Sought by all for all, better to have than stay without, lest you want to invite drought,Some sacrifice in school is vital, but the base still counts. Why not join the strive?So much charming it becomes with time, and like hair it is essential to everyone.True to the mark, and worthy for awarding, take this to the bank, education is the key to Chinese economy.THE KEY. (Free verse)Below a thick dark myriad, myriad of heavy shallow deep clear waves,Hastening so many, all deep and striving to get out and lifting up their appetite,Are bitter hungry people bitter for lacking, hungry and thirsty for learning.Why not join the big train trending? And avoid a double edge sword cut for lacking?They turn out like ants on a chunk of sugarcane, ready to quench their killing thirst,Ready to read, and write all they learn, but some to abide by the state laws,They abide by rules and regulations, to keep them moving in the dry wet field.Why not join the big train trending? And avoid a double edge sword cut for lacking?All set sure and standard all in the field, are the dry hard to abide rules,They rise, and fall, and rise even after another fall, in the wet directed field of learning,But like a toddler learning to walk, they are never willing to throw in the towel.Why not join the big train trending? And avoid a double edge sword cut for lacking?

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