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What role does a request for proposal have in selecting a new health information system?

Request for Proposal

Search the Internet for a few examples of a healthcare request for proposals (RFP).
Compare the RFPs and discuss anything that surprised you

First Message: RFPs
What role does a request for proposal have in selecting a new health information system?

All posts must reflect critical thought expected at the graduate level.
All posts must draw from relevant course readings that demonstrate that you read and understand the material.
All posts must provide proper reference citations.
Draw from additional relevant research (be sure to provide proper reference citations).
Describe interesting ideas from the readings and explaining new insights.
Discuss relevant professional experience and relate that experience to appropriate course materials. Comment on what you learned, and what you might do differently.
Comment on what you have learned from other’s postings.
Offer a different perspective about an idea that is being discussed.
Do not use attachments – post your responses in the body of the message.
Do not drift too far from the original subject.
In general, posing a simple follow-up question is not substantial.
Do not post “one-liners.” Posts like, “Good point,” “I agree,” “Thank you,” etc. will not be counted as substantial. All posts should be 150-250 words in length.
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