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Discuss about Concrete Design

Project description
The floor system, which is a flat slab shown, supports a service live load of 70 psf and a service dead load of 50 psf. The dead load does not include the slab weight. There is no beam between columns.
(a) Based on the deflection limitation, choose an appropriate slab thickness (h0)
(b) Check one way shear and two way shear and modify “h0″ if needed.
(c) Find the bending moments for column strip and middle strip by using direct design method
(d) Design the longitudinal bars based on moment found in section c
(e) Model the slab in SAP2000 and compare the result of section b, c and d with the modeling results.
(f) Use your SAP model and redesign the slab for h1 = h0 + 1″ and h2 = h0 + 2″ .
(g) Compare the volume of rebars and concrete for three models (h0 , h1 and h2) and discuss which one is the most economical design.

Use normal weight concrete with f c = 4000 psi and fy = 60,000 psi. The dead load does not include the slab weight. Columns dimensions are 20″ X 20”.

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