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Topic: analytical paper based on the Rowling Energy Case

Topic: analytical paper based on the Rowling Energy Case
Please ensure that each and every point in the instruction word file is followed and respected.

Requirement: demonstrate a range of strategic change models to gain constructive insight about the change process of the attached case

I have submitted/attached:
A crystal clear self-explanatory instruction in word file.
My core text book: Exploring Strategy Text & Cases by Gerry Johnson
Case Study-Rowling, Pdf

Please ensure that all the requirements of the attached instruction are adhered appropriately to
AVOID coming back to you for corrections or revisions as my deadline is very close.

Feel free contact for any clarification.

Number of sources: please refer to the case instruction word file and use the suggested sources of academic reading list that is available in page 4

Will come back to you once I get my Professor’s feedback for any changes

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