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Write about Global Logistics.

Hi there,

This report is based on Strategic Logistics Management module and my major is Global Logistics.
This report is about a company’s logistics strategic analysis, please write approximately 2,500 words. And I need to received this report on 10th of April.
Please pay extra attention on the assignment brief and follow all the requires, especially learning outcomes.

Also, I got some specific requires for task1,2 and 3 in assignment brief section.

1. You need to use 2 strategy matrix to analyse Smithfield Foods’ current strategic position (please see M32SOR log strat lect03.ppt, you can use those strategy matrix provided in the slides. Except SWOT and PESTEL, please do not use them.)

2. As for task2 in the assignment brief section, please use Push & Pull strategy to evaluate and recommend suitable logistics management strategies for Smithfield Foods with consideration for available capital, technical and human resources (please see M32SOR_log_strat_lect06.ppt for Push & Pull strategy)

3. You better use RFID techniques to write this task (please see M32SOR log strat lect10.ppt for logistics technology, if you are not familiar with RFID, you can select other technologies that provided in M32SOR log strat lect10.ppt)

P.S. This report is mainly related to logistics than business, you can do business analyse in task1, but you need to make task2 and task3 as a logistics analyse. Also, do not write too much about business, you need to focus on logistics. I also provided other related slides of this assignment, you can take a look in case to improve the quality of this report.

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