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Comparison between people’s way of living.

I only want the two chapters to be done as mentioned below, 3000 words per chapter.

– Will upload dissertation questionnaire for a better understanding.
-Questionnaires from architects.Can be used in dissertation
-Upload samples of other work found online that are similar to what my dissertation topic.

CHAPTER 1: How architecture style reflects of people’s perception. (3000 words)
CHAPTER 2: Architecture Typologies. (3000 words)

To demonstrate the change in people’s attitude within the Periods 1800, 1900 and 20th Century. This is through people’s way of thinking using building materials, typology and aesthetics influencing architectural style.

To study the power in architecture through typological characteristics & style
Comparison between people’s way of living.
Analysis through literature review and secondary research
Talking on :-

Roman, gothic, renaissance, industrial revolution, modern and contemporary architecture and materials used to build them.

Also mentioning the social and politics time of each era, how people lived, how building were & are used and how the architecture reflects that.

Buildings such as banks, palaces, theatres, churches/cathedrals. and how these buildings make people feel e.g. positive, negative, intimidated, etc.

Architecture used as a statement e.g. power, wealth, culture, religion.

To mention things that affect building design:-

Context and Climate
Building Technology
Community Concerns
Codes and Regulations

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