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Demonstrate competency in conducting a Functional Behaviour Assessment (1,500 Words)

Assignment 1 – Demonstrate competency in conducting a Functional Behaviour Assessment (1,500 Words)

Use the information presented in your case study and literature to demonstrate your ability to conduct a Functional Behaviour Assessment.

You may NOT be presented with all the information you need to complete a comprehensive summary of the individual and their behaviour. However, it is important that you discuss what information would ideally be included if you were actually carrying out the intervention.
 Watch the following YouTube Clip:
Severe autism, resistive, escape behavior -running away (2:26 mins)

 Read the attached Case Study which provides additional information on the girl presented in the YouTube clip – Allison
 Complete the blank A-B-C chart attached
 Use the headings and information below to complete Assessment 1: Conducting a Functional Behaviour Assessment
 References required where a concept needs explanation (must be within the last 10 years)

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