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Describe the contents of the Beige, Green, & Blue books used during FOMC sessions.

News Assignment 3: Monetary Policy

1. Describe the contents of the Beige, Green, & Blue books used during FOMC sessions.
Find & turn in a copy of the most recent data.
2. Write a few-paragraph bio of Janet Yellen, the next Chairperson of the Fed.
3. Read Ms. Yellin\”s statement made last week at her confirmation hearing before the Senate:
After her Senate testimony, the stock market rose sharply. Why?
4. What are the main goals of U.S. Monetary Policy?
5. Find & turn in a recent article about using expansionary monetary policy to ease the effects of the recession. Do you think this action will be successful? Why?
6. Choose a foreign country & find out how monetary policy is handled there. Explain the similarities & differences between their central bank & our Federal Reserve system.
7. Some are angry at recent Fed actions:



Who is most likely to dislike recent Fed policy? Why?

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