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Discuss for each variety of (human, ape and monkey) and each element (mandible, maxilla, frontal, etc.)

Project description
Submit the results of your skull comparisons using the assignment submission button. YOU DO NOT need to turn in the actual worksheet drawings, just the content of your comparison table. You can use any format (table, bullet points, paragraphs, etc) to submit your observations and you need not worry about sounding hyper-intelligent. I am more interested in your observations. Is something bigger, smaller, thinner, or thicker in one primate than another. Tell me so! Give me detail too! I will mark off for one, or just a couple of, word answers.

A possible comparison: The lower face on the human skull does not project forward as does the lower face of the monkey and ape. The lower face on the monkey is …. The lower face on the ape is…

Please be sure to discuss all three skulls and their respective parts SEPARATELY. Do NOT lump the ape and monkey mandibles together. Discuss each on its own. I will delete points if there are not separate discussions for each variety of (human, ape and monkey) and each element (mandible, maxilla, frontal, etc.).

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