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Write about Dutch and Qatari Culture

You will turn in an annotated bibliography with at least 12 sources. Of these twelve, THREE must be primary sources. At the top of your annotated bibliography, I want you to include the research question so that I can read your sources in relationship to it.
Research question: How did my parents’ extended family deal with them marrying someone out of their culture.
So could you please find nine secondary sources on Dutch and Qatari culture (if you don’t find any use Arab culture), then makeup three primary sources (such as interviews with my parents or extended family).

For this assignment, you need to use sources from the library databases. You cannot just conduct a Google or Wikipedia search; that is not good research. Also, as you write your annotation, you are expected to use your own words. Do not simply take the author’s words or cut and paste from an already written summary or paraphrase. The point of this assignment is to get you to practice the skill of critical reading, summary, and articulating the relevance of a text as it pertains to your own set of questions. You cannot practice this skill unless you try to understand and put material in your own words.

Each of your annotations should include:

Citation – Create a standard MLA citation for the source.

Summary – Write 2-3 sentences summarizing the content of the material. You need to be able to say clearly what the argument is and what it offers. What is the point of this source/work?

Evaluation – Write 2-3 sentences evaluating the information and the author. For this, think about the writer and the audience. Also, you want to consider how this source compares with other sources dealing with this topic. Is the author trust worthy? Can you trust the facts provided?

Reflection – Write 1-2 sentences wherein you reflect on how you plan to use this source. How will it help your essay? Which questions does it help you answer? How did it shed light on or enlighten your understanding about a topic.

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