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Write about the topic Women in patriarchal society

I am free to choose any topic I please so I chose women’s situation in a patriarchal society.
I’d like you to talk about how women suffer in such a society, effects of pornography women, if any. I am supposed to include three sources from the text book, so I attached some pages about rape. If you can’t use what I attached, you can see that I also attached the contents. You can tell me to attach anything from this book. It’s necessary to use the book as a source. I am also supposed to include three academic sources and they should be within the last 20 years. So the total is 6 sources. You can include anything that affects women negatively. You don’t have to mention pornography even. As long as the thesis statement is good and original + talks about women, I don’t care which aspects of patriarchal you will talk about. Please if the attached files are not clear, let me know.

The format of this paper should be:
introduction which should contains a general statement, key details about the topic, thesis statement
then Method statement
This is where I say how I am going to make your point.
Simply I state the main topics of the paper, but do not actually give explanations at this point, finally closing statement/

Then there are body paragraphs
and finally the conclusion. The conclusion explains why this matters. The conclusion doesn’t repeat what was already said.
1000 words
Double space
12pt Arial font
Indent paragraphs
No spaces between paragraphs (adjust paragraph settings as necessary)
Place name and student number in TOP RIGHT OF FIRST PAGE
Number pages
Include works cited page (MLA)

You don’t have to stick to the word limit. Feel free to exceed it or go under it.

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