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Assess competences and product innovation in global manufacturing enterprises

To enable students to exhibit their appreciation of the module material concerning innovation management relevant to global engineering enterprises. Quantitative and qualitative evaluation based largely around a high technology product development covering most aspects of the taught module and inviting discussion and speculation to show awareness. The report is in four parts worth 25% each. Students will be able to demonstrate the following:
 Assess competences and product innovation in global
manufacturing enterprises
 Utilise market research techniques
 Prepare forecasts and market projections
 Apply planning tools for product innovation
Format is a formal written report including charts/diagrams; calculations (with data; formula; workings and assumptions) and discussion/ comments. Report to be typed using Word in a 12 point font (any Excel based calculations should be copied into tables in the Word file using a minimum 9 point font).
Typical length of report c12 pages* comprising Title Page; Abstract; Parts 1-4. References (essential: see library guide on Harvard Referencing). Additional information is to be placed in Appendices.

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