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Choose a recent event during your internship that has managerial implications you’d like to reflect on.

Please the added files, basic information.

Journal Entry #3 (your choice of length): Choose a recent event during your internship that has managerial implications you’d like to reflect on. You should have participated in or personally observed this event. Please answer the following questions about this event. Answer them in order, putting your responses into separate numbered paragraphs or section—

The questions are general ones. Since I cannot know what event or situation you will choose to describe, I cannot know precisely what question to ask. You will therefore need to interpret and adapt the questions to your particular event. Do your best. If you’re uncertain, do your best and tell me your assumptions. If you read over all the questions in a section carefully, you should be able to understand what kinds of responses I am asking for.

1. First paragraph. Describe the event carefully and objectively, as if you were a video camera on the wall. What happened, when it happened, who were the key players, etc. Tell me only what happened, not what you think happened. These instructions are harder than you think. Be sure to excise any words that represent a personal opinion or interpretation of the event.

2. Second paragraph. Now tell me how do you feel about this event? What was your first reaction to it? What do you think were the best and/or worst parts of it? Which parts are pleasing or worry you the most and/or least? Did the event remind you of anything that had happened (to you) before?

3. Third paragraph. What does an outsider observer need to know to understand this event properly? What is the importance of this event? Why did it happen? Does the event or parts of it suggest any patterns? What lessons should we learn from this event?
****Important: Are there any management models, concepts or principles that can help us understand this event (better?) (If so, be sure to specify which ones, how they apply and the page numbers where they can be found in your management text.)

4. Fourth paragraph. What has this event taught you? If you were the manager, what would you do the same? Do differently? What would you recommend to a new manager facing this situation?