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Write-Up is for Global Social Entrepreneurship class.

This Case Write-Up is for Global Social Entrepreneurship class. It is critically important to understand what Social Entrepreneurship is when writing the paper.

The assigned case study is Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

Each student is expected to write a case analysis on one of the cases we will be reviewing during the course, and then prepare on-line discussion questions for the class and serve as the discussant of this case during the class when the case is scheduled to be discussed.

The write-up is not to exceed 1000 words (or 4 pages). It should address discussion questions that are part of the syllabus and critically examine how the readings and the chosen case relate. These are not opinion pieces but analytical summaries for guiding class discussion. Please write clearly, succinctly, using short sentences, and proofread very closely. Please make sure that the isn’t any unnecessary information on the paper, like name date etc. Just the work.

Your case write-up should examine the following elements:

– What is the state or public failure that the organization is attempting to correct
– What is the equilibrium that the social entrepreneur is trying to shift
– How are they addressing issues of human rights?
– How are they using market forces?
– What resources did they mobilize to achieve their goals?
– Describe how they used shared knowledge to create positive social change.
– Referring to Martin and Osberg, what were the value enhancement mechanisms in this case that reframed the problem into a value creating opportunity (i.e., creates additional willingness to pay through transparency; enabling government action through a measurement rubric; uses an existing asset in hand to generate more value at no greater cost)?
– How does the organization define scale and what would be the number one impact metric (if they could only choose one)?
– What are the (real and possible) systemic effects of this social enterprise?
– 3 discussion questions posted on our Discussion Forum on BlackBoard and to use in class debate

Please frequently refer to this guideline when writing the paper.

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