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Complete one (1) article review. An article review (according to Thompson Rivers University) provides an “informed and succinct analysis of an item such as an article

You will be completing one (1) article review. An article review (according to Thompson Rivers University) provides an “informed and succinct analysis of an item such as an article. The review should describe the item s content and argument(s) and discuss its strengths and weaknesses. A person who has not read (or seen) the item should be able to decide from what you have written whether or not he/she wants to read (or see) the item.”
The article you review should cover one of the forensic SCIENCE disciplines covered in your textbook (look at the Table of Contents and identify a scientific forensic discipline). Here is the list from table content (Justice and Science, Death Investigation, Blood and other body fluids, Pattern Impression Evidence, Trace Evidence) You cannot chose from the following ancillary/social (or “soft”) science disciplines:
A) forensic psychology;
B) forensic psychiatry;
C) serial offender MO/Signature;
D) criminal profiling; racial profiling; profiling
E) logic/ethical issues in policing; or
F) forensic evidence, law & theory.
You will then pick an article from the following Journals and/or Publications:
• American Journal of Criminal Justice
• FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin; Washington
• Forensic Examiner; Springfield
• Journal of Forensic Identification; Alameda
• Journal of Forensic Sciences; Philadelphia
• Law & Order; Wilmette
• Narcotics Enforcement & Prevention Digest; Washington
Basic guidelines:
• Use 12-point font and 1 inch margins throughout the paper (check your “page setup”).
• Review length should be between 2-3 PAGES LONG (this does not include your reference page).
• Body of the review should be double-spaced and should include a header (topic and page number).
• The reference page should not be submitted as a separate page! It is part of your review and should be the last page of your submission.
• When using acronyms, define the term the first time and place the acronym in parenthesis; after that, the acronym can be used. For example, The International Association for Identification (IAI).
Article Reviews contain three parts:
 Start the review with a background on the article you chose and, if applicable, provide the bibliographic information.
 Summarize the article, making sure to analyze its strengths and weaknesses and report briefly on its purpose and overall argument.
 End the paper with your critique and discuss how the information presented in the article contributes to the forensic science community.

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