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Discuss about Korean History

Our unit on the Korean War focuses on the diversity of viewpoints and goals held by different combatants in and witnesses to war on the Korean Peninsula. You will assess the film Taeguki: The Brotherhood of War, within the context of the history surrounding the Korean War.

Paper assignment:

You will identify between these central aspects/themes–Focus on the themes of militarism and communism and analyze how it is/they are represented in Taeguki. THEN You will also, compare and contrast this representation of militarism and communism within the readings and other class material (such as Lost Names, The Coldest Winter, the 1953 Armistice Agreement) that will be attached below. YOU MUST make an argument as to how what you’ve highlighted deepens, complicates or further elucidates our understanding of some aspect of the Korean War.

Your paper must further an original argument that is both provable and debatable based on the evidence you’ve put forth. In other words, don’t simply describe what you’ve found—make an argument about what it MEANS.

You must include:
a strong and original thesis statement
clear organization
supporting evidence from the film and the class readings thus far.
All quotations and other evidence must be cited according to appropriate Chicago Manual of Style guidelines.

This is the movie you must watch, there are subtitles in the setting options.

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