Carry out a literature review of key references pertinent to the subject of the dissertation.

The work that you carry out for your final proposal may include the following (obviously the precise nature of the dissertation topic will determine the extent of the coverage of certain areas that are listed below, and you should discuss this with your supervisor):

Fleshing out a more detailed outline of the structure of the dissertation, which might also include a provisional list of chapter headings.

Carrying out a literature review of key references pertinent to the subject of the dissertation. This should be a review of the literature to get the project underway and should aim to include key texts at this stage. The literature review should continue to be updated as the project progresses and then finalised just before the final submission of the dissertation.

Reviewing the theoretical framework within which the problem will be explored and identifying the methodological approach, e.g. Dervin’s sense-making theory of information seeking behaviour, Checkland’s soft systems methodology, the basic Cranfield/TREC paradigm for information retrieval system testing, etc.

Planning the actual methods to be used, including any questionnaires, interviews, and other data collection and analysis procedures.

Consideration of any ethical issues relevant to your planned research (including informed consent, anonymity, confidentiality, etc.), detailing how you are addressing these.

Establishing external contacts/collaboration, and planning/making initial visits.

Production of a timetable of planned work.

Exploring potential problems which might occur during the dissertation period.

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