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Develop a Marketing Plan for a New Business/Service


You will Develop a Marketing Plan for a New Business/Service. This will be a new product from an existing company or the launch of a new company and product brand in the US. I choose In n out Salad project, this brand of food is only in California.
This project will start students thinking about Marketing in a practical sense. They will gain experience formulating a plan, learning how each part is dependent on one another.
Develop the following elements of the Marketing planning process: •A mission statement
•A SWOT analysis
•Competitive Advantages
Product, Place (distribution), Price, Promotions
•Proposed Strategy
•A description of the target market
•A positioning strategy
•A brief outline of the Marketing mix strategies:
◦The Product
◦Pricing( sales forecasting is NOT required)
◦ Place
◦Promotion strategies that satisfy the objectives and address the target
market. •Implementation
Contents must include: •Title page
•Executive summary 1 page only
•Introduction to project Literature review (citations included)
Conclusions and recommendations
•References (7-8) APA format Use of higher level reference materials is
required, e.g ProQuest (WSJ, Bloomberg), the paper should be 7 pages long excluding reference and cover page.
In 4 days please send me the proposal for Approval and justify your choice
And in 10 days send me please a One page draft for feedback thank you

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