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Management In Construction – Leadership vs Management

I am studying BSc Honours in Construction Management and I have decided to write the dissertation on Management in Construction trying to analyses the difference between What leadership is and what management is and how roles deliver high quality job. We need to also add a lot of different theories and questioners from different construction professionals. I have uploaded other document. One is the guide to write the dissertation.

Construction and project management has become a vital component of the delivery of construction. The hypothesis of this research is that the dependence on the
Characteristics and functions of management to deliver construction has a direct
Impact of increasing the risk of nonperforming construction, leading to performance
Issues. It is also proposed that a leadership structure is more efficient than the current
Management based structure, and will lead to increased construction performance. An
Efficient process uses leadership characteristics of empowerment, trust, self
Assessment by the timely use of performance information, and the measurement of a
Contractor’s ability, to identify, prioritise, and minimize risk. A leadership structure
Results in a “win-win” relationship between clients best value and contractors
maximised profit. This research proposes that the use of a leadership oriented
Process may minimize the inefficiencies of the construction industry. Research is
Being proposed to explain the importance of moving to a leadership environment to
The construction industry using information concepts. The objective of the research is
to identify the characteristics of leadership and management, identify the relationship
between the use of performance information, an information environment and
leadership, and then develop a leadership based education which will use the
information based processes to assist project/construction managers move to a
leadership style. Management has a direct relationship to inefficiencies of delivery
processes, and results in the inefficient or non-value added functions of control,
Management, and minimum quality construction.

Project Aim

The aim of the project is to understand different management styles which is put into practise when delivering a Construction project. There is a big difference between being a manager or a leader. Leadership is a quality that you have or you don’t.

Construction companies must utilise planning, organising, leading and controlling, known as the four basic management functions. Project managers should possess these functions in order to successfully manage projects. Researchers in construction management have unequivocally reiterated the fact that project manager is one of the most important success factors of projects. Little attention has been given in the leadership issues in construction despite the fact that there is so much literature and research in other industries. Researchers have stressed on the importance of leadership styles and have given a lot of suggestion on the characteristics, attributes and skills that can be effective in the construction industry. Study of leadership style and their effectiveness in managing projects is quite relevant to construction industry because construction managers have to wear different hats at different circumstances. Although it is extremely difficult to prove the cause-effect relationship of particular leadership style to the effectiveness of the project, however there are many studies that have been undertaken in the past that provide correlation ship between the styles of leadership exhibited to the performance of the project.

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