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Research paper about two religions Christianity and Islam as i`m muslim

The research paper about two religions Christianity and Islam as i`m muslim . 8 pages for the research paper and 1 page outline you should not include you opinion.

Talk about two religion
• Thesis Statement
Naturel = what is ( The given) you could use for examples fasting and how fasting in Islam meant to shear the felling with the poor people and food and water is the Naturel

• Culture= What human do

• History

• Outline: Write a sentence outline for your paper.
o Put your thesis statement at the top of the outline.
o The thesis statement should say something about nature and culture in your religions.
o Make sure that every part of your paper advances toward the realization of the thesis statement.
• Write the introduction to your paper.
o Make sure you include the thesis statement.
o This paragraph should be engaging; it should make the topic seem current and important.

• Create the reference page for your paper.
o Follow the guidelines for your chosen documentation style, MLA or APA.
o Include all books and articles you have used.
o Include sources for your definitions.
• : Following your outline, write a rough draft of your paper.
o Add cover page according to your chosen documentation style.
o Include the introduction you wrote.
o Add a conclusion

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