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Pick any 5 words of these and their definition

You can pick any 5 words of these and their definition

Allness: The use of a single aspect of someone else’s identity to describe that person without regard to her or his other qualities.
Stereotypes: Is unreliable generalization about a person based on a simplified image of a group to which the person belongs.
Identity Tags: Used by advertisers who seek to target a particular population or market for their product.
The Johari Window: A model of self-awareness, diagrams this relationship between who we are and what we reveal to others.
The Open Quadrant: Represents everything that you and others know about yourself.
The Hidden Quadrant: Represents those things that you know about yourself but that others do not.
The Blind Quadrant: Represents those parts of yourself others see but you do not.
The Unknown Quadrant: Represents qualities that neither you nor others know about yourself.
Role Taking: Is the ability to understand the motives, interests, and actions of other people and to adopt those actions, at least temporarily.
Social Comparison: One way that we understand our self is by comparing ourselves to others in a process.
Facework: The act of presenting the self as “maintaining face” or doing “facework”.
Confirmation: Other people confirm our “face” when they accept our presentation of self and act in harmony with the image we are displaying.
Rejection: Other people reject our “face” when they contradict the presentation of ourselves and act inconsistently with the image we are displaying.
Rejection-Sensitive: Avoid all situations where they think rejection is possible.

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