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Concept Proposal and Concept Board for Artisan du Chocolate

It’s a limited edition brand extension for the Christmas market.


The Concept Proposal Report – Instructions

1. Produce a word –processed concept proposal, up to 2,000 words, in report format (you do not need an executive summary). Use relevant headings and sub-headings. This must justify the proposed new branded article by referring to market factors and brand theory. The structure of the report must be logical.
2. This must include a product description, using the terminology covered in Keller and Riezebos.
3. Apply the brand image transfer model.
4. Apply relevant brand concepts and theory throughout the report, to explain and justify your concept proposal. Note: relevant aspects of this will have been covered in the Activity Journal tasks. There may be more. This is your opportunity to show initiative and to demonstrate how much you have learnt from the text-book on brand concepts and theory. Further, the report must not contain vague waffle. All claims must be supported by relevant information, figures and data.
5. Use the Harvard referencing method.

Concept Board – Instructions

To support your proposed branded article you should provide a Concept Board (picture board). The requirements for this are as follows:

1. The Concept Board should be A3 paper, which will be folded in half and attached to the back of the Concept Proposal and Activity Journal. Your tutor will demonstrate this.
2. Depict (draw) the proposed new branded article, complete with appropriate packaging and brand name. There are examples on the internet and your tutor will guide you on this. (Note: It is up to you whether you use a software package to create the visual image, or use traditional methods.)
3. Include a title and a concept statement. (Your tutor will cover concept statements in class.)

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