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Write about creative management and marketing

essay of 1500 words (+/- 10%) The essay should be double spaced with a 12 point font (Arial preferred).

The actual word count of your essay must be specified on your essay script.
Word counts over 1650 words will be penalised by 5 % for every 250 words over.


4.Networking has always been a cornerstone of successful dealings.

However, interacting with people from different national cultures can lead to surprisingly innovative solutions to unexpected opportunities, but failing to recognise cultural differences and to accommodate the other party’s etiquette can set a professional relationship off on the wrong foot. In the long run, it can pose a significant obstacle to meeting mutual objectives.

Critically analyse the link and importance between networking and different cultures in today’s dynamic and global commercial world.

General assessment criteria

The above titles are designed to be broad in scope. Therefore your answer should be narrowed down to an aim that should be clarified in your introduction.

Define concepts and provide sources for them before applying them.

Critique theories by comparing and contrasting them.

Enrich your synthesis with illustrations to underpin theories and your arguments.

Diagrams, Models Tables and Graphs should be appended to the essay. A maximum of three Appendices is permitted.

Structural Criteria

The essay should be double spaced with a 12 point font (Arial preferred).

The actual word count of your essay must be specified on your essay script.
Word counts over 1650 words will be penalised by 5 % for every 250 words over.
There should be a minimum of 10 different, academically credible references in your text. Non academic references such as CD Rom, Internet and serious Business Press sources can be included in addition to the ten academic references.

Module Learning Materials

Core texts

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Supplementary texts

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California Management Review
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Industrial Marketing Management

Electronic databases and AV Materials
EBSCO Database – Electronic Journals

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