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Art History

Please read the instructions carefully.

In grading the draft submission I have ran across a number of issues. Most of these involve not following the directions.

So, as a reminder:

1. The assignment calls for you to pick a SPECIFIC work of art dating from prehistory to 1400 CE. I should be able to tell from your bibliography entries what this work is.

2. Your textbook can not be used as a source for this assignment.

3. Wikipedia. encyclopedias (physical and online), and dictionaries are not acceptable sources.

4. Any website consulted must have .edu in the web address or be an art museum website (such as the Louvre, British Museum, or Metropolitan Museum of Art) to be considered authoritative. This means that and are not valid sources of information for academic research.

5. Search the JSTOR database.

6. Physically visit a library to obtain books. It can be the Santa Fe Library, the University of Florida Architecture and Fine Arts Library (two stories of books devoted to nothing but art), or even any public library in a small town.

The issue with my paper was the first paragraph seems to be on art in general.
It should be a SPECIFIC work of art dating from prehistory to 1400 CE.

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