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Discuss about Visual basic maximum 10 pages, and need to write a report around 2500 words

Section A Individual Assignment (maximum 10 pages, around 2500 words report)

1 (i) Create and document a model to produce an amortization table for a fixed rate loan using the PMT function. The loan is to be repaid in equal annual instalments over its life and the first payment is to be made at the end of the first year. Use dialog boxes to get the user inputs. The program should validate the user input for reasonableness and ask the user to modify any input that is not appropriate. For output, use the worksheet predesigned with labels, table headings, formatting and so on. (40 Marks)

(ii) Explain and demonstrate another alternative VBA method which you could have used to solve the problem in No (i) instead of using the PMT function in VBA. (40 marks)

(iii) Use the above VBA exercise in (a) and (b) to compare and contrast VBA modelling and Excel modelling (20 marks)
(Total 100 marks).
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please do the section A individual assignment only.

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