Highlight three issues that could disrupt the successful performance of a project team and discuss how such issues can be managed?

Assignment Details and Instructions.
Highlight three issues that could disrupt the successful performance of a project team and discuss how such issues can be managed? (Include in your analysis what preventative as well monitoring and control measures could be used and their relative effectiveness).
There are many arguments that are of potential relevance to this essay question. You are invited to make an independent assessment of the question that is supported by evidence.
Some of the other challenges of this assignment are the abilities to demonstrate that:

• You have engaged with a sufficient and varied range of research sources (at least six to eight different sources) to improve the potential quality of your work.

• You are able to demonstrate the correct interpretation of such diverse sources.

• You can structure your work appropriately and you write in a coherent manner. ]. An essay should be structured with a title, introduction (10 per cent), main body (80 per cent), conclusion (10 percent)

• An important skill is the need to restrict the excessive use of descriptive text in order to allow sufficient space for more analytical work. Thus, an introduction should define the key terms in the question and outline how you are attempting to answer the question (approximately two to three succinct paragraphs only). The main body should be more analytical than descriptive. Your conclusion should reflect on the actual issues discussed and your reference section should only list work that you have used directly in your work or that informed your thinking.
Research – finding relevant articles and sources, critically evaluating developments (including judging the quality of the evidence) to provide a realistic and relevant shortlist of future developments that will affect project team performance, summarising the ideas clearly and succinctly.
Analysis – clearly identifying the possible range of impacts that the new developments might have on project team performance, a clearly articulated set of recommendations that follow logically from the preceding discussion and will support the development of project team performance.
Clear and effective writing –effective communication of complex ideas, appropriate style for management briefing paper, consistent use of MMU Harvard standards to reference all sources and all quotes. Original writing with evidence of how the essay has been developed over time (e.g. early drafts)
Overall – demonstrating good understanding of subject and clear thinking

Issues need to be chosen by the writer.