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Write about Management reports

The assignment is expected to be submitted in a pdf format so if you could kindly do that, it would be great. I know on the submission date it shows that the assignment is due on the 11th of April but the lecturer changed it to the 17th so dont be in a huge rush to finish it because I really want you to get the work done with no pressure to the best of your capabilities so that I can pass. So the latest date I would need it back from you would be the 15/16th so I can have a look through it before I submit it. I dont mind which research topic you choose as long as it is a School of Business and Enterprise related topic. This is how the assignment is supposed to be in a report style

(one page 600 words approximately)
Please note the following quote from the textbook about Management reports and the need for an executive summary.
“… executive summary: This is designed for busy people who do not usually have the time to read a report in its entirety. This summary, then, has to be both comprehensive in its coverage but also very succinct. It should present a short description of the project, plus findings and recommendations. Figures, illustrations and tables are not used in Executive Summary.)”
(Gray page 639)

Gray, David E. Doing Research in the Real World, 3rd Edition. Sage Publications (UK), 2013-11-05. VitalBook file.
Detailed advice is contained in Chapter 24 textbook and associated web site.
Predictably in light of the above, your grade will be negatively affected if you submit an academic article.

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