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Brief about Enviromental engineering Coursework

We are two produce 2 separate reports based on two different topics. First topic is a river water report and the second is ground water report. Each report is to be approximately 2 pages.
The first report must contain a part dealing with river water management. Environmental risks associated with the selected case study should be assessed, and river water protection recommendations should be made.

Secondally , the second report should be an environmental risk for groundwater should be assessed. Associated protection recommendations should be proposed as well.

Both reports should talk about different management controls and harvesting of those systems and relating them to an observation tower and how can those strategies be implemented in the tower.

The brief of the observation tower is shown below

The observation tower is located next to RIVER IRWELL

The client requires an entertainment feature which provides a panoramic view of Manchester and Salford with the following features:

1. The client requires suggestions for use of the remainder of the site which are in keeping with the theme of family entertainment.

2. The finished development should appear to be a green space.

3. Provision should be made to accommodate a broad range of transport modes but particular significance should be paid to the fact that this development will attract large numbers of visitors from the local vicinity.

4. A sustainable drainage system should be implemented.
Outline planning permission for the site stipulates the following requirements:
3. Provisions for river and groundwater protection should be incorporated into the design and management plans.

4. The peak traffic flows on Frederick Road may be assumed to be 550 vehicles/hr in each direction.

5. The treatment units should be visually appealing from the air.
use UK resources please and write in UK english

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