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Plan a portfolio for your classroom using it as a guide.

Plan a portfolio for your classroom using it as a guide.

Provide details about how you will use the portfolio.
Next, conclude both pro and con views of portfolios, as documented in the scholarly literature on the subject.

***Portfolio assessments allow teachers to evaluate student performance in authentic ways. It is possible to measure growth over a marking period or school year using portfolio assessments. In this week, you will synthesize your understanding of portfolio

Five full pages are required!!!

please use the following resources to complete this assignment:

Popham, W. J. (2013) Classroom assessment: What teachers need to know.

Kubiszyn, T., & Borich, G. D. (2013) Educational testing and measurement: Classroom application and practice.

Mueller, J. Portfolios Authentic Assessment Toolbox.

Prince George’s County Public Schools.

Starting Point Developing Portfolios to Assess Student Learning. SERC.

Chancy Young. (2010, October 15). Parents Demanding Test Scores [Video File].

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