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Describe a compound fracture.

Complete the following questions and/or case studies using your text and additional acceptable resources (.edu, .org, or .gov site are allowed as well as journals, other textbooks and information from the resources pages provided in this course). Make sure you provide citations and list of references used for all concepts for which you are defining, explaining, or summarizing.

Case Study B

J.R., age 17, has a compound fracture of the femur and is undergoing surgical repair.

Describe a compound fracture.
Provide several reasons why it is important in this case to have immobilized the femur well before transporting J.R. to the hospital.
Explain why there is an increased risk of osteomyelitis in this case.
Explain why there is severe pain with this type of fracture.

The day after surgery J.R.’s toes are numb and cold.

Explain the possible causes of the cold, numb toes.
Explain why appropriate exercise is important during healing of the fracture.
List four factors that would promote healing of this fracture.
Explain why the leg should be elevated during recovery.
Explain why, following the removal of the cast, J.R. can expect to feel some weakness and stiffness in the leg.

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