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Explore the majors we offer at UW-Superior

Parts to this assignment:

1) Explore the majors we offer at UW-Superior. Browse the undergraduate degree programs available:
2) Choose two majors of interest to you

3) A paper addressing the following questions for each of the two degree programs you chose to research:

Why are you drawn to this major?
List the classes this degree program requires that interest you the most (look at the undergraduate course catalog for classes)
Explore the major more by going to the department’s website (type the name of the major in the search bar on any UW-Superior page to get there). Check out their news, faculty, program features, etc. What did you learn about this major that you did not know? For example, Accounting’s can be found here:
List some occupations you can consider with this major
Use “What Can I Do With This Major”
If the major you are interested in isn’t listed on the “What Can I Do With This Major” page, use CareerLocker – click on the “Occupations” tab at the top of the screen, then “Find Occupations” by “Majors and Degrees” on the left

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