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Analysis of Brand Context and critical reflection on brand’s position in society .

This assignment requires you to create for a brand of your choice A BRAND PORTFOLIO which uses appropriate theoretical concepts and brand management models to analyse and evaluate the brand’s current position and makes appropriate recommendations as to its future direction.
It is recommended that students develop their work in a portfolio style – in sections, with visuals/ other materials where appropriate, and with staggered deadlines towards the final date. For example, the Analysis of Brand Context and Critical Reflection should be done within the first half of the semester.

What is going to be assessed?
1. Analysis of Brand Context and critical reflection on brand’s position in society .
2. Analysis of key streams of thought in brand management and their application, critically, to practice to identify sources of competitive advantage.
3. Propose brand strategies and suggest how they should be evaluated.
4. Overall standards of writing and presentation

What are the learning outcomes?
1. Analyse key streams of thought in the brand management field
2. Critically reflect on the role of brands in society and their impact on consumption
3. Apply models of brand management to establish the basis of an organization / product / service’s competitive advantage
4. Propose brand strategies, describing and justifying mechanisms to evaluate their impact

It is a 4000 words assignment. The word limit does not include the reference list, computer programme code listings, tables, diagrams or reasonably short appendices, but will include quotations, citations and the captions to tables and diagrams.

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