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Attend a 15mins public meeting and have to write about i

I attended a 15mins public meeting and have to write about it:
1) A summary of what happened at the meeting with attention to the ‘engineering aspects’ of the presentation and how the public reacted to the information/facts.
2) Be sure to give your opinion — in the discussion — as to whether or not the presentation was effective and any suggestions about what could have been done differently to improve the interactions, especially if it did not go well for the presenter.

* You will find the agenda and the recorded video of the public meeting here http://boisecityid.iqm2.com/Citizens/Calendar.aspx
* The meeting I attended is “Harris Ranch Community Infrastructure District No. 1 – Regular Meeting” (on April 5, 2016)
* You have to listen to the 15-mins recorded video.

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