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Engineering design complexity

i. In both “Drilling Down” and “Drift into Failure” the concept of complexity and its impact on engineering failure or disaster is discussed. Based on your readings and additional research, describe an example of how complexity becomes a risk factor for failure. Show how the example you have chosen correlates to some of the complex system factors discussed in “Drift into Failure” in Chapter 6. (500 words)
ii. Discuss the meaning of the term “normalization of deviance” as it relates to increasing risk for failure in engineered devices, systems or processes. Use an example (real or imagined) to explain your answer. How can organizations or engineers act to avoid “normalization of deviance” and the risks it creates? (at least 300 words).
Please include references and a brief reflection – about complexity, future needs, potential work activities, etc.?

Some sources should be from the text; Go to amazon kindle, and log in with ID and check the book “Drilling down” and “Drift into Failure” in Library category.

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