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Identify a problem that you think the arts could address.

Begin by identifying a problem that you think the arts could address. Then think about how you could apply the arts and what you have learned in this class to this real-world problem in your community. Choose one actual artwork you studied this semester (or you may choose a new one, but it must meet the criteria for legitimate art and you must see it in person, as always)as the centerpiece of your proposal. ****You must choose something I can find in the Columbus Art Museum**** or
You may write about music, but it must be gamelan, since that is the musical form we studied in this class. This journal should consist of notes for your final paper
. Your journal must include a photo of you with the artwork or museum, and you must include factual information about the artwork, which may vary according to the art form (use the factual information you submitted for the journal on that artwork).

• Taking patients to museum
• The role of art in your hospital
• Art therapy
• Use of painting, sculpture, film, architecture, puppetry in your field
• Develop an “Arts Program” for your institution.

For this journal and paper you will need to conduct basic research using two legitimate academic sources. they can include any books, articles, or websites (such as World Book or another encyclopedia, though not Wikipedia) found through the library web site.

The journal can consist of notes, but copy and paste this template and include information for each item (see below for more complete information):
1. What is the problem you have identified and what is the overall goal of this project?
2. How will you reach out to people from cultures different from your own? (see below for specifics)
3. How will people participate in this project? What will they do?
4. What two research sources have you identified for research?

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