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Write a Product Engineering Report

the assignment is clearly described in the assignment paper. I’M ONLY DOING POINTS 1 TO 5 under (4. Product Engineering Report). I’ve done hardness testing, microscopic examination,
electrical conductivity and magnetic inspection. I’ll provide them for you
Added on 21.04.2016 12:10
you can find the assignment paper and related documents including photos of the numbered materials, tests\” details and the hardness test tool used and microscopic photos.

the foam grip and the small plastic bit connected to material 1 should be included in the report. for example, mention how they are manufactured and what type of adhesive was used to attach them.
# notes:
1- the foam grip was detached by force without damaging it.
2- material 1 was cut using a hex-saw, microscopic photo was provided.

extra information:
1- materials 1 & 2 are brittle
2- material 5 is a titanium blade

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