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Watch and analyse the Frontline/ProPublica documentary Firestone and the Warlord

Watch the Frontline/ProPublica documentary Firestone and the Warlord, available for free online at
http;// This documentary discusses the civil war in Liberia and the relationship of the Firestone corporation to this conflict. After watching the documentary, write a paper of approximately five double-spaced pages in which you do the following. In your paper, you should emphasize the fourth item in the list below.
1. Explain the main claims or ideas that the documentary is trying to prove. In other words, what is the documentary trying to show about its subject matter?

2. Discuss how the documentary tries to prove these claims, including how it uses quantitative data for this purpose.

3. Discuss whether the documentary convincingly makes its case and whether its use of quantitative data is effective.

4. Now, imagine you have been hired by Frontline as its statistical consultant, and you have unlimited access to quantitative data that is relevant to the documentary’s subject matter. How would you use statistics to enhance the documentary and make more convincing claims about the documentary’s subject matter? Be as detailed and specific as possible about the statistical measurements or tests you would carry out, exactly how they would fit into the documentary, and exactly hoe they enhance its claims.
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