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Write an essay about the physics and technology around you and taking advantage of what’s freely available.

Outside documentaries/lectures:
I will post links to good documentaries or youtube lectures (or in-person
lectures) on bblearn. During the semester, you must view at least 3 of these on
your own and submit 1-page summaries of each. The last day these will be
accepted is the last day of classes, but I
recommend you do them before that. The goal is to get in the habit of learning
about the physics and technology around you and taking advantage of what’s
freely available.

The summary needs to include 1-2 paragraphs describing what the
documentary was about and what science it demonstrated. It should also
include some of your own thoughts on the usefulness or interest of this

To Watch Online
Any of the BBC’s Atom 3-part series. (I’ll count one.) It’s on youtube. Here’s the link to the first:

Any of David Pogue’s “Making Stuff” NOVA episodes. I’ll only count one of these towards your total though (they’re addictive, but I want you to learn some other stuff, too)

I’ll count one Higgs documentary if you watch it, but not both:

Particle Fever, about the LHC and discover of the Higgs Boson. I have the iTurnes version of it, if we want to circulate that around.

The Hunt for Higgs, from the BBC.

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