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Writing Self-Analysis

Writing Self-Analysis (Due end of Week 2)
Website icon Writing Self-Analysis (Due end of Week 2) Scoring Guide.
Website icon Writing Self-Assessment Rubric.
Website icon Professional Communications and Writing Guide.
PDF icon MEAL Plan.
Website icon APA Style and Format.

Note: You must complete this assignment by the end of Week 2, as it will trigger your financial aid distribution for this quarter.

For this assignment you will submit a self-evaluation of your professional writing skills.
•Review the handouts provided in the Resources section of this assignment that address APA format, the MEAL plan, and writing in the third person.
•Write a 2–3 page paper that addresses the following: ◾Describe your area of specialization.
◾Then select two theorists from the list provided below and describe how the application of their theories can impact your work practices. Choose from these theorists: ◾Bowlby.
•Once you have completed your 2–3 page paper, evaluate your writing using the Writing Self-Assessment Rubric provided in the Resources for this assignment.
•In the rubric, read the explanations that define the different levels of achievement that are possible for each criteria. Bold the text that you believe best describes the level of achievement your paper has attained. The very last column on the right provides space for you to leave notes about the criteria. Indicate the reason for your assessment of each criterion in the last column. This comment section should include at least two justifications or descriptions about why you selected that level of achievement.
•Once you have completed the rubric, be sure to save a copy of it to your computer.
•Upload the paper to the appropriately labeled folder in Turnitin before submitting it to the assignment area of the courseroom.
•Upload the 2–3-page paper and your completed self-assessment rubric to the assignment area of the course room.

My area of specialization as of now is a MS in Clinical Psychology with a dual specialization in clinical counseling and applied research. I will also be doing my PSYD In Neuropsychology. I choose this because one day I plan to open a TBI PTSD center one day and I am doing applied research because it has transferable credits.

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