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Discuss BUSINESS AND SOCIETY , Stakeholders, Ethics, Public Policy

Which of the stakeholders appear to be most important to the people in the book you read? Why is that? How is a focus on those stakeholders ethical or unethical using ideas of Lawrence and Weber? (You must have internal citations from both books as part of demonstrating your learning.) This is what the professor ask to be included in paper work .
So there is two books
Fools Gold From Gillian Tett
and BUSINESS AND SOCIETY , Stakeholders, Ethics, Public Policy 13-th edition.
Im reading the book by myself as well, jut I’m not good at writing so thats why I’m ordering here.
the essay should include 1 Government Regulations,2 what is ethical what is unethical3 Derivatives 4- Debt Relief5 Role of Feds 6- Leverage .
Please make sure this paper will be originallllll .

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