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Relational Database Management Systems Phase 3

Assignment Details
-I will upload the assignment from week 2 and additional resources.
Write an Entity Relationship (ER) Diagram document of 4–5 pages based on the conceptual model that you completed in Week 2. Include the following:
• Use Visio software application to create an ER diagram that outlines the primary keys for all entities, the relationships between different entities, the attributes (and data types) for each entity, and junction tables to support any many-to-many relationships
• A design that meets the minimum of third normal form (3NF)
• A description of the steps that you took to ensure that your design was normalized to the desired level and any exceptions you had to make to prevent anomalies and a loss in data integrity
• Add section to the Entity Relationship (ER) Diagram section of your database system plan
• Name the document as follows:
o yourname_IT610__IP3.doc
• All sources should be cited both in the text and in the References section by using APA format.
• Submit the document for grading.

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