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Discuss Long Island Visions of Exurbia: Town in Country, Past and Future


I went to Lecture which is basically about Long island’s past and future. I want you to write about it. I wrote down topics they told about.
Here are Topics:

– History in Long Island
– Tunnels, Bridges in History
– Affordable Houses

– Hampstead Garden Suburb
– Letchworth Garden City
– Forest Hills Gardens
– Sunny Side Gardens
– Garden City

– Jackson Height

– Parking Plus on Long Island
– Rockville Centre
– Westburry

– Present and Future of Long Island

Each Paragraph is presenting one presenter:

+First presenter told about history of Long Island.
+Second presenter told about specific places and he ask question: these houses are already 100 years old will it be stay 100 more?
+Third presenter told about Jackson Height. He said it’s only 4 mile from midtown manhattan NYC.
+Fourth presenter told about parking in Long Island.
+Fifth presenter told about presedent and future.

If you have any question please let me know.
Thank you.

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