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Do an auto cad plan of your building

This work is related to one of the buildings I designed so you need to DRAW and write the details of it. I haven’t done the details of it but I have done an auto cad plan of my building, it is clear but you need to do the details of it , like structure of the roofs, walls, windows and so on.. This building is located in Liverpool, uk, exactly in London road .. so you can read about the site to get more information for example a brick wall render , type of windows that doesn’t make the place very cold because this building is located south in a cold zone and only can get the light from front faced and from the top as I am haven’t a window in the roof ..
I will attach you the assignment guide line, a map of my site my building will be the highlighted one as well as a PDF of what exactly you need to do but all of this needs to be related to my design of the building which I will attach as an auto cad file. I REALLY NEED A GOOD RESULT ON THIS SO PLEASE TRY YOUR BEST

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