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Write an external proposal

Assignment Objective:
To thoughtfully consider a current issue in your filed,
To practice research and documentation,
To analyze and synthesize secondary sources and incorporate them into your own writing,
To determine what kinds of visual aids (graphs,charts,image, etc) are effective and ethical, and to incorporate them into your document,
To present your solution to a problem or a response to an opportunity in a well-organized, persuasive proposal.

Over the course of the semester, you have been researching current issues or trend in your are of interest. For this last assignment, you will write a proposal in response to the following:

The county of Los Angeles has posted a Request for solutions to issues impacting a specific community/population in Los Angeles. They have grant money of some unspecified amount available to groups or individuals with the best(and most affordable) plan to address this issue.
Your proposal must discuss and contextualize this issue. Who is impacted and how? Why does it matter? What is it is financial impact? then, propose a definitive solution. You will need to show how your solution makes sense, and is efficient, effective, and cost-saving. Moreover, you must also show your readers why proposal is the best of all those presented to them.
Draft your proposal using the guidelines outlined in the text(under both proposals and grant proposals) and in our class discussions. Note that I do not require a review of Literature, but your proposal must be Supported by a minimum of six (6) electronic sources.

This is an external document. Address it to:
Ms. Amber Norwood,
Grant Coordinator, City of Los Angeles
200 North Spring Street, Rm 123
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Present your findings in a detailed (1500 – 2000 word) proposal
Note and tips:
 Remember to narrow your scope to an issue you can reasonably and accurately address in the space allotted. You will not solve the obesity problem in Los Angeles, but you can propose an after school program in a particular school to help keep children of a certain age active.
 Remember that this is not an information paper. Any and all information that you impart to your readers should be directly related to the proposal
 Remember that any proposal that is too general, or covers the same ground that has been covered many times before, is unlikely to get chosen. (Again, do not just say that people should diet and exercise to lose weight. What will you do?)
 You must locate at least six current,reputable sources that will support the fact your proposal is founded in current, accurate data.
 You must also make use of relevant, properly formatted visuals (at least two) that enhance and support your argument.
 Use either APA or MLA formatting for your sources, as long as you are consistent.

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